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How to get your Pet not too Hot

April 6, 2017 admin 0


Our pet is suffering the ravages of high temperatures just like us. Dogs and cats do not perspire so they still find it more difficult to withstand the heat in the summer months because they lack sweat glands that can regulate their temperature, something they do through panting and sweat that appears in the areas where there is less hair and on the pads of the legs. When a cat is hot it licks and smoothes the hair so that the evaporation of its saliva causes the temperature of the body to descend.

We must exercise extreme caution in this time of year when mercury rises and with these tips will help your pet to combat the effects of heat and prevent it from suffering excessively.

Do not go outside with your pet in those times when the heat is tight. This applies especially to dogs, since they are the animals that most come out, so you should walk with them at times of the day where the temperature is not so high.

The first hour of the morning and the last of the afternoon are the best.
Your pet should always have fresh , clean water , even if it does not make excessive heat at that time.

  1. If you are abroad, you should ensure that you have a shaded area where you can shelter. If it is very hot outside it is best to be in an indoor place with air conditioning or fans.
  2. If you see that your dog is very hot and his body temperature is rising too much wet his head and body with water and force him to drink, calmly, a little water. Not too much.
  3. The hair of the animals protects them from the cold and the heat, so if you have it very long you can trim it but without ironing since it can then affect you more.
  4. Never leave the animal inside a car , even if it is in the shade and with the window open. Inside the vehicle can reach very high temperatures and your pet can suffer a heat stroke that costs life.
  5. Try to keep your pet as long as possible in a cool, ventilated place .