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7 types of Fishes for your Aquarium

August 6, 2017 admin 0


If you like fish and watch how they live in your aquarium relax you today we offer 7 types of fish that you can take care of at home . There are a lot of species and each one needs some care, some will need a large aquarium, others not so much … And each one has its own aesthetic characteristics that will also help you to decide for those you want to have with you. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Killis – They have no problem living with other species and have a variety of colors, so they will provide joy and color to your aquarium.
  2. Disco Fish. This fish is not suitable for beginners as it needs some special care regarding the conditions and temperature of the water. It has a circular body and a blade-shaped flap that it uses to move. They live better in the company of others, at least they will need four more fish to survive in good condition.
  3. The telescope fish . Known as a Moorish fish its peculiar aspect makes it special. He has bulging eyes and short, round body. It is advisable to live in an aquarium that does not receive much sunlight, or lamps.
  4. Eye Fish Bubble . They also have very characteristic eyes although in this case they have the body more elongated. They are active and with those eyes they do not really see very well, so sometimes they may have difficulty eating because they do not see the food and the faster fish are ahead.
  5. Angel fish . They are resistant pets and have several species, with different sizes and colors. They are suitable for medium aquariums, although there are some larger ones that need more space and more laborious care.
  6. Pear Scale Fish . It has scales very marked, usually in orange and white, and look like pearls, hence its name. It is a slow fish, so you lose the chance to catch food if you live in the aquarium with faster fish. Caution should be exercised with the decoration so that there are no holes where it can get stuck.
  7. Betta fish . It has nice fins that the males use in the procession and also to frighten those who dare to invade their space. It has a slightly bullish character, so it does not get along well with other fish, mainly with males of the same species.