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How to take care of our Pets in the fall?

September 6, 2017 admin 0


Autumn has arrived , we have less and less hours of light and we are already noticing the lower temperatures … We ourselves try to protect ourselves more during this time to avoid the arrival of colds or other ailments, something that we also have to take into account with our pets.

Everything will depend on the type of pet you have at home, but generally at this time of year one of the things that will notice most are the changes of light, since it is a factor that influences them in the subject of moult, hibernation , zeal … So the first thing we recommend is that you go to your veterinarian to inform you of what can happen to your animal during this time and how should be the most specific care in this regard.

However, let’s look at some basics that you have to keep in mind during the fall.

In the case of dogs, for example, in the autumn the test of leishmaniosis is usually carried out , since during the summer they have been more exposed to mosquitoes, ticks or fleas and perhaps the mosquito that transmits it has been able to infect them.

The cold can also affect the health of our pet and, as we said before, also the lack of natural light. This is especially noticeable in the matter of moult, since autumn is usually one of the seasons of the year in which the hair falls more and in which the cats and the dogs are provisioned of a coarser hair to support better the inclement weather. Brush the animal daily and keep it clean and dry.

Also the birds renew their feathers especially in autumn to be able to face the cold winter. It is essential that it is a natural transition and do not change places when temperatures begin to fall. It is good that the cage is always in a sheltered place, but both the cold and the heat.

It returns to resume the physical activity of the animal. In this case we refer more than anything to dogs, since perhaps in summer if it has done excessive heat we have not given as many walks as we would have liked it is time to go back out for a longer time, although it is good to do it progressively and ensuring that neither cold nor wet with rain.

It prevents the animal from getting wet and drinking water from the puddles. When it rains and we go out on the street to walk our dog may be approaching drinking water from a puddle, but it is important that we avoid it as it may be contaminated and transmit some disease.

With the cold and humidity of autumn, dogs can experience symptoms of osteoarthritis such as stiffness, joint pain … once again, you have to be careful not to get wet if it rains during a walk, and in case this happens dry it very Good when you get home.

Pets can also catch colds , in the case of dogs, they may have the “kennel cough”. To avoid it, it is good to be vaccinated against the parainfluenza virus. If you see that it starts to cough, has phlegm or makes some gesture like something that bothers you in the throat visit the veterinarian.

In general, make sure that your pet does not notice sudden changes in temperature and is kept out of the cold or rain. Think of how these changes affect us, for they equal!