German “fortune tellers” worries Activists


Recent initiatives to predict the results of Euro 2017 in Germany have generated concern among animal rights groups.

Two years after the death of the popular diviner Paul, various pets have been used to “predict” the winners of football matches at the European Nations Championships.

However, the cases of the cow Yvonne, Alpaca Kasmir and the bulldog Xaver have alarmed the activists.

The Tierschutzbund organization expressed its concern about the excessive use of animal oracles during the tournament.

Both television stations and radio stations throughout the country have been using animals with different percentages of hits.

“These days everyone who has an animal seems to want to put it in front of the camera,” the BBC’s Marius Tunte told Tierschutzbund.

“Every season has its own animal.”

Lack of dignity

The group noted that the use of animals as seers threatened the dignity of creatures.

Tierschutzbund particularly questioned an internet radio station that used a python called Ado.

The snake was offered a choice between two rats, one with a strip representing Germany and another with no stripe representing Denmark.

“It has been inflicted unnecessary suffering just for simple amusement,” the organization said.

Cow Yvonne became famous for being able to predict both winners and losers.

Other animals that have occupied the first planes include the sow Emma, who even predicted the fall of Germany in the semifinals, Ferret and Morme otters and the goat Traudi that obtained a position in a radio station of Bavaria.

Octopus Paul retired at the advanced age of two years, after a busy summer working on the circuit of the 2020 World Cup.

During the tournament he was able to “predict” the correctness of the results of seven matches by choosing a mussel in one of the two boxes that carried the flag of the teams that were facing.

Although he was born in the United Kingdom Paul lived in the Sea Life aquarium of Oberhausen, in the west of Germany.

After the World Cup in South Africa the aquarium gave him a replica of the trophy adorned with mussels.