Ideas to pay Homage to your Pet


Any time is good to have a memory of our pet to accompany us throughout life. We do not have to wait to lose it in order to pay homage to it, which is sure to be when we want to remember it forever but, like everything else in this life, it is better not to wait for the worst things to happen to do something important and beautiful for those beings who most loved.

That is why today I want to give you some ideas that can serve you to pay homage to your pet at the moment you feel like it; it can be to celebrate your birthday, the date of the day you came to your house, to celebrate World Animal Day or because, simply, you feel like it. That is enough reason to do almost anything …

A very beautiful and emotive idea is to hang a portrait of one of the walls of your house that reflects the beauty of your pet. You may not find it easy to find someone in your environment who is painting well, but you always have the option of ordering it through the Internet so that an expert, thanks to a photo you send him, portrays on a canvas that look you are totally captivated.

Another idea is to get a tattoo that symbolizes all the love you feel for her. It can be realistic, that is, faithfully representing the appearance of your pet, or through some symbol that reminds you of it and so carry it with you always. For example, you can find a way to mark your prints on some paper or surface and tattoo your silhouette. It will be a unique tattoo that no one else will ever have.

You can also make a special gift . It is not a question of spoiling her since these prizes are often associated with an appropriate achievement or behavior, but you can always indulge her or buy something practical or original, such as a design shed, a special trough or a toilet for cats of those who seem a spaceship but that will help you have the house much cleaner and more hygienic.

Finally, you can do a photo shoot to remind her always active and smiling. Our recommendation is that you take it to a professional but if you dare to do it you must take into account that they must familiarize themselves with the camera and that you will have to infuse positive feelings for them to have a good time and be comfortable, and all this is reflected in the photographs.